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The Museum of modern art: photos, description (Museion)

The Museum of modern art in Bolzano, which is often simply called Museion, was founded as a private collection in 1985 and opened its doors to visitors two years later. Over time the Museum's mission has changed, it has become a platform for a variety of meetings and discussions, and Studio, where he created true works of art. In 1991-m to year was born the name Museion, and in the early 2000's, he turned his attention to contemporary art with an emphasis on the role of linguistic structures in culture. In 2008, the year of the Museum's collections was built a new, quite extraordinary building, with large glass facade, which was forced to talk about a kind of dialogue between the historic centre of Bolzano and the new city districts.

The collection of the Museion reflect the evolution and development of the Museum. His first exhibits were mainly devoted to historical works of a Large region of Tyrol. In the early 1990-ies the Museum's collection has expanded, it incorporated the work of Italian artists of the 1950-60-ies, as well as local artists.

Today, the Museion in addition to exploring the works of the most prominent representatives of contemporary international art you can become a direct participant in the cultural show. In different years there were such masters as Monica Bonvicini, Iza, Genzken, Gabriel curry, Teresa Margulis, Carl Andre and others. Regular thematic exhibitions, organized in cooperation with other museums of Italy and Europe.

Special attention to the administration of the Museion pays to work with children and their parents, educational and outreach programs. Children also have the opportunity to participate in various seminars and workshops. In the traditional "Family Sunday" for young visitors of the Museum can make their own discoveries in art and culture.