/ / Museum of Mediterranean weaving: photos, description (Museo Dell Intreccio del Mediterraneo)

Museum of Mediterranean weaving: photos, description (Museo Dell Intreccio del Mediterraneo)

Museum of Mediterranean weaving is housed in a beautiful building of the Castello Doria, a 12th-century Genoese family of Doria on the top of the hill Bellavista. Today it is one of the most visited museums in Sardinia.

The main task of the Museum is to acquaint visitors with crafts people throughout the Mediterranean region, but above all with the way the islanders used plant materials like palm tree hamerops, reeds, algae for making various items. The Museum consists of nine rooms occupying two floors. The lower floor is dedicated to various craft pursuits and techniques, and the top - use craft products. Pearl of the Museum collection - samples of the famous wicker baskets, such as a sieve. Here you can see many other products made with the help of weaving in different regions of Sardinia, - to store food and things for trading, religious ceremonies, etc. a Unique exhibit - the so-called "su Passo" is a boat woven entirely from seaweed, cane and reed. These boats are used by fishermen in the lagoons of cabras and Santa giusta in Sardinia.

In other rooms of the Museum contains interesting exhibits. So, one of the halls introduces the art of baking - you can see the various objects used in the past for the production of bread and pastas, baskets, measuring cups, etc. All these items were stored in Sardinian homes on the walls of the kitchen that gave her a special look and charm. Another hall is devoted to the fishing business - one of the most popular classes on the island. Here you can see the traditional fishing boats, nets, equipment for catching and storing fish and other inhabitants of the seabed. Many exhibits of the Museum tell the story of agriculture and livestock of Sardinia.

A visit to the Museum of weaving is also an opportunity to explore the medieval castle and fortified around him, in particular, the recently restored guard transition, connected with the monastery of San Martino and the restored suspension bridge of the Bastion Manganella. And from the terraces of the castle offer beautiful views of the Northern coast of Sardinia and the island of Asinara. In good weather you can even see the outline of the southern coast of Corsica.