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Stibbert Museum: photos, description (Museo Stibbert)

The Stibbert Museum is located on via Frederick Stibbert on the hill Montughi in Florence. The Museum houses more than 36 thousand exhibits, including a huge collection of armor and weapons of Eastern and Western civilizations.

The Museum was founded by Frederick Stibbert (1836 - 1906 th.). His father was English and mother Italian, my education, the Stibbert received in England. Incredible wealth Liberty were required grandfather Frederick, Gilles Stibbert, commander-in-chief of the British East India company in Bengal in the late 19th century. For many years he served as a Governor in Asia. Frederick had inherited all the property and wealth of his grandfather and did not work the rest of my life, devoting himself to the collecting of various items and Antiques. Gradually his Villa he turned to the Museum, and when the size of the collection exceeded the roomy opportunities of the Villa, Frederick hired architect Giuseppe Poggi, painter Gaetano Bianchi and sculptor Passau to attach additional rooms. In 1906, the year after the death of Frederick Stibbert his collection was donated to the Florence and open to the public.

Villa, a former home of the Stibbert, comprises 57 rooms, which are now engaged in its collection collected in different parts of the world. Most of the walls covered with leather and tapestries and the room filled with exhibits. Each room contains paintings, including still lifes and portraits. Of special interest are items of furniture, porcelain, Tuscan crucifixes, Etruscan artifacts and uniforms of soldiers of Napoleon's army. The most extensive part of the collection of armour and weapons counts about 16 thousand exhibits, representing the armies of Europe, East, Islamic countries, and Japan. Armor and weapons are dated 15th to 19th centuries. Tourists always admire the Hall of the Riders - a huge space filled with statues of knights from the 14th-16th centuries and 14 statues of soldiers in full uniform and with weapons. A collection of samurai weapons includes more than 80 suits and hundreds of swords.

The Museo Stibbert is also a café and a bookstore.