/ / The Museum of the Territory: photos, description (Museo del Territorio)

The Museum of the Territory: photos, description (Museo del Territorio)

Museum of the Territory located in the resort town of Riccione, within the cultural centre "Centro Culturale della Pesa", holds artifacts that tell the history of the city and its environs, from prehistoric times until the era of Ancient Rome. The lives of the people in this area can be traced in close connection with the evolution of the territory - this is facilitated by numerous illustrations and an interesting reconstruction. A visit to the Museum can become a fascinating journey through the centuries.

The first section is a kind of introduction, which in General talks about the origin and evolution of life on Earth. Next you can see the geological structure of the region with a rich collection of fossils, rocks and minerals. It also exhibits skeletons of prehistoric creatures - huge bison, elephants, bears, rhinos and megaceros who lived in this area millions of years ago. The Paleolithic era, the first permanent Neolithic settlements, and the "metal" era, bronze, copper and iron age - represented by artifacts in the form of articles of stone, bone, ceramic, metal etc. All these objects were found on the territory of modern Riccione and the surrounding villages. The Museum exposition ends with a section devoted to the conquest and colonization of Emilia-Romagna by the ancient Romans. The exhibits in this section were discovered in the settlement of San Lorenzo in Strada, on the site of the ancient via Flaminia (the vessels of ointment, oil lamps, toiletries, coins, etc.).