/ / Museum hours in Tovo San Giacomo: photo description (Museo Dell'orologio da Torre)

Museum hours in Tovo San Giacomo: photo description (Museo Dell'orologio da Torre)

The clock Museum is one of the tourist attractions located in the town of Tovo San Giacomo, near the Ligurian town of Pietra Ligure. A Museum was proposed in watchmaking master Giovanni Bergallo. In 1984, the year held the first public exhibition of some of artifacts collected, Bergallo, which the watchmaker has expressed his desire to create in his native city unique in its kind Museum. In it, he wanted to collect artifacts relevant to the rich history of watchmaking, and send the family a reverent attitude to the "time machine".

After about 10 years the Museum was created and inaugurated in April 1997, the first year - at that time it was the first Museum of its kind in Italy. The official ceremony was held in the building of the former town Hall district, Bardino Nuovo. A couple of years later, the Museum was required to carry out restoration work because of its collection is regularly updated with new objects, as well as growing fame Museum in the country and abroad, which could not affect his image. Renovations completed only in 2011-m to year, increasing the exhibition area of the Museum, as well as creating new exhibition. The collection is divided into 11 rooms. Help the Museum given by the government of Liguria and the Foundation "De Mari".

Exhibited at the Museum of clockworks going family, Bergallo from 1860 to 1990-ies. In addition, the part of the collection was transferred to the Museum from various private collections, as well as churches. In addition to hours here you can see the dials, minute and hour hands, the various interesting details of the bell towers that introduce a unique and rich history of manufacturing watches and clocks.

Museum hours open from October to may on the weekends from June to September and on Fridays. Tour, interesting to both adults and children, lasts about 45 minutes.