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From the beach: photos, description (Muretto)

Muretto is one of the main attractions of the Italian resort town of Alassio in Liguria, a true symbol of the city itself, which, while remaining faithful to the traditions of their ancestors, always seeking to the future.

Located on via Dante, the wall painted with the names of the art stars, sports and show business, who in the second half of the 20th century visited Alassio, remains the center of social life of the city. A tangible legacy of the "sweet life", which revived Alassio in the 1950-ies, today attracts the attention of tourists and girls participating in the annual beauty contest "Miss Muretto".

Here is how the story Muretto local artist Mario Berrino: "Before becoming famous, it was just a small simple wall surrounding a city garden. And I was literally consumed by a desire to elevate her, to paint, to give it life. This opportunity came when in Alassio stopped the great Hemingway, we decided to hang on the wall of various colored tiles with the names and paintings of famous visitors to the city café Caffe Roma". So in 1951, the year a legend was born "Muretto". The first who left their mark on her, was Hemingway Quartet CHETRA and Cosimo di Celia. And today on the wall you can read the names and other great contemporaries of the 20th century: Adriano Celentano, Jean Cocteau, Vittorio De sica, Anita Ekberg, Thor Heyerdahl, Valentino, Hugo Tonyatstsi, and even members of the national team, the Italian football that won the World Cup in 1982-m to year. In addition, Muretto has become a real symbol of love - every year on Valentine's Day couples are going to the wall to enjoy the poetic atmosphere created by the best love letters written by great people here.