/ / Promenade Vittorio Veneto: photo description (Lungomare Vittorio Veneto)

Promenade Vittorio Veneto: photo description (Lungomare Vittorio Veneto)

Promenade Vittorio Veneto living room Rapallo, one of the most beautiful streets of the city, is very popular among its residents and tourists. Landmark promenade that distinguish it among other Proms the Ligurian coast, is a music kiosk, standing in the middle of the street. He recalls the first years of the 20th century, when Rapallo was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In the Eastern part of the promenade stands the castle of the 16th century, witness to the rich history and culture of the city. And across the street there is the tourist port - the modern and suitable for large yachts and ships. All along the waterfront are numerous cafes and shops. Since the resort's climate allows outdoor activities throughout the year, the main city promenade becomes a stage for various entertainment - from pop concerts to sporting events, from religious celebrations of Christmas, Carnival and Easter to summer festivals.

Today the seafront Vittorio Veneto is a business card in Rapallo, as well as real historic quarter, just behind the ranks of the seaward houses, the ones that until the mid-19th century was washed by the waves, and were surrounded by fishing boats. One of these buildings is the House of Garibaldi, the national monument and one of the most significant buildings of the old Rapallo, carefully restored in recent years. Family coat of arms on the marble façade, belonging to Admiral Biagio Assereto, dates from the 14th century, and an arched structure behind it - is even older. Marble pillars and decorations in grey and white stripes made the House very popular in the 19th century, and later in it for many years housed the prestigious hotel with a night club on the roof. This hotel in 1901, the year stayed the composer Jean Sibelius. And in the house opposite some time lived Friedrich Nietzsche began to write his work "thus spoke Zarathustra".

In the Eastern part of the waterfront in the centre of a spacious square stands a fountain with a bronze octopus sculpture octopus work of the Italian Take. Another local attraction is the war memorial, created by sculptor Nikola Neonato, and the Christopher Columbus monument. The Western part of the promenade ends with a sandy beach and estuary Boate.