/ / The promenade of Livorno: photo description (Lungomare di Livorno)

The promenade of Livorno: photo description (Lungomare di Livorno)

The seafront of Livorno is a popular place for walking among residents and visitors alike. There are many attractions to explore with whom you can go out on foot or by bike (there is a special track).

Shipyard Orlando at the beginning of the promenade. They were founded in 1866, the year of Luigi Orlando, and for many decades played an important role in the economy of Livorno. Today, the entire territory of the shipyards is under reconstruction.

South of them is the Scoglio della Regina, literally - Royal rock - the baths of the 19th century, under the patronage of Queen Maria Luisa of Bourbon on whose behalf they are called. Baths located on a small island connected to the coast by the bridge. Today plans for their restoration.

Along the promenade stretches the Viale Italy, framed by palm trees and offers numerous cafes, bars and restaurants. On this street like to walk by the fans of Jogging, pedestrians and cyclists.

One of the main attractions of the promenade is the Terrazza Mascagni, which offers a wonderful view of the sea. In the center of the terrace is a recently renovated, gazebo, built in 1935-m to year. It is from here that every year on the first Sunday of July, starts boat race Palio Marinaro, and in fine weather from the terrace you can see the outlines of the Islands of Gorgona and Elba.

At the Northern end of the Terrazza Mascagni is located the aquarium, the third largest in Italy, and opposite the terrace is one of the oldest hotels in Florence - Hotel Palazzo. At the end of the 19th century, this huge building was the most elegant and exclusive hotel in the city. For many years the hotel was closed, but in 2008-m to year again opened its doors to tourists today, it is the only one in Livorno five star hotel.

Immediately outside Terrazza Mascagni you can find the old city baths - Pancaldi still very popular among the locals. They were discovered in 1846, the year. And a little further lies the Piazza San Jacopo in Acquaviva with a bronze statue of Benedetto Brin, the founder of the naval Academy. To the right stands the Church of San Jacopo, and the building of the naval College opened in 1881, the year. This school is today considered one of the largest in Italy.