/ / The national automobile Museum, (Museo Nazionale Dell'automobile)

The national automobile Museum, (Museo Nazionale Dell'automobile)

The national automobile Museum in Turin was founded in 1932, the year Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia. Today it is one of the world's most famous science museums. It exhibits nearly 200 cars and eight different automotive plants from eight countries (Italy, France, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, USA, Poland). The Museum is located in three-storey building Dating back to the 1960-ies. After the restructuring of 2011, the year the Museum was reopened to the public, the exhibition area has increased to 19 thousand sq. m. In the course of restoration has been greatly modernized the look of the Museum complex, as well as the newly designed exposure. In addition, the Museum building has its own library, bookstore, auditorium and Congress centre. In 2013, the year by the magazine "TheTime" national motor Museum took 35th place in the list of the 50 best museums in the world.

In the collection of the National automobile Museum you can see the first Italian cars, Bernardi" 1896, the year and "FIAT" 1899 th, the famous rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1914, and racing cars Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. In addition, the Museum holds "Benz Victoria (1893), Peugeot (1894), "Oldsmobile" (1904), member of the famous race Beijing-Paris 1907, the year of the "Itala", "De Dion-Bouton" (1913), a Ford T (1916) and "Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A (1928). Museum visitors can get acquainted with the vast historical archive, including photographs of late 19th - early 20th centuries, to learn about the technical features of cars, as well as the history of the famous automotive companies. Not the last role in the educational activities of the Museum plays the use of modern digital technology.

The Museum's collections are divided into three sections: "the Car design" on the first floor, "the Man and the car" on the second and, finally, the Automobile and the 20th century" on the third. Of the cars exhibited in specially equipped garage, which you can get into by appointment. It is also a car restoration school, where they offer master classes to professionals in the field of antique cars, artisans and other professionals.