/ / The national film Museum, (Museo Nazionale del Cinema)

The national film Museum, (Museo Nazionale del Cinema)

The national cinema Museum is one of the interesting attractions of Turin is the Mole Antonelliana, which in itself is also a major tourist attraction. Previously, the Museum was housed in the Palazzo Chiablese. - Museum collections - the result of years of work of the historian and collector Maria Adriana wall outlet.. A Fund in her name to run a Museum. In 2008, the year the Museum was visited by over half a million people, making it, thus, the 13th in the list of most visited museums in Italy.

Today in the exposition of the National film Museum you can see many interesting exhibits, including those that belong to the-cinematic era, for example, the so-called "magic lantern" - common in the 17-20-th centuries the apparatus for the projection of images. Here you can get acquainted with the technology of the early 20th century and modern computer technologies, and also to see items from early Italian movies.

The exhibits of the Museum is located on five levels and occupies a total area of 35 thousand sq. m. the Collections are divided into some themed zones dedicated to different stages of movie making, and in the main hall, fitted in the temple hall of the Mole Antonelliana (which was originally conceived as a synagogue), presented different kinds of movies.

In addition, the National cinema Museum houses a huge collection of posters (over 300 thousand) and film, and more than 80 thousand paintings, 12 thousand videos and 26 thousand books. A special silver screen, located in the multiplex Teatro Massimo near the Museum, reserved for the screening of retrospectives and various Museum events. The Museum also hosts a number of film festivals, the main of which is Turin's most prestigious film Festival.

In 2000, the year inside the Museum was opened panoramic Elevator with transparent glass walls, which in 59 seconds rises to a height of 75 meters. From there opens a vast panorama of Turin and the surrounding mountains. And the national film Museum has the world's largest vertical advertising banner.