/ / National Museum of San Matteo, Museo Nazionale di San Matteo)

National Museum of San Matteo, Museo Nazionale di San Matteo)

National Museum of San Matteo, housed in the eponymous medieval convent in Pisa on the river Arno, holds in its collections a priceless collection of works by leading the Pisan and Tuscan artists between 12 and 17-th centuries and a unique collection of archaeological artifacts and pottery. San Matteo is one of the most important European museums dedicated to the history of the Middle ages.

The cycle of so-called "Croci dipinte" - painted crosses - is a collection of crosses of the 12th and 13th centuries, collected in the most ancient churches of Pisa. Here you can see the works of Berlingieri, Berlingieri, Giunto Pisano and the master of San Martino.

In the section of art of the 14th to 15th centuries, features works by Francesco di Traino, Lippo Manny, Buonamico, Buffalmacco, Spinello Aretino, Taddeo di Bartolo and other great painters of that time. Noteworthy are the glazed pottery of the school of Della Robbia and the widely known bust of San Lussorio work of Donatello.

Among the masterpieces of Pisa sculpture 12-15th centuries on display in the Museum is the polyptych of Simone Martini, from the Church of Santa Caterina d Alessandria "Christmas" Tino di Camaino and "Madonna del Latte" by the brothers Andrea and Nino Pisano.

San Matteo also stored some priceless bas-reliefs and wooden sculptures, in particular the work of craftsmen from Siena Francesco di Valdambrino 13-14-th centuries. Of particular interest are the illuminated manuscripts 12th-14th centuries, including the illustrated Bible, dated 1168 year. Finally, in this Museum you can see the remarkable collection of medieval Islamic ceramic elements that once adorned the external walls of churches in Pisa, they are a monument to the trade industry that flourished between the sea of Pisa Republic and the North African countries in the past.