/ / National Park of the Apuan Alps: photos, description (Parco Alpi Apuane)

National Park of the Apuan Alps: photos, description (Parco Alpi Apuane)

National Park of the Apuan Alps" is located a few kilometers from the famous resort of the Versilia area the Italian Tuscany. Its highest peak is mount Monte Pisanino - 1947 m. reaches

The Apuan Alps are significantly different from the nearby Apennines in its structure - there are deep river valleys with very impressive steep slopes. Apuani is also famous for its beautiful marbles, deep canyons and underground failures. The karst system of these mountains is the largest in Italy and one of the largest in the world. For example, the underground maze of antro del Corchia has a length of over 70 km and about 1200 m difference in elevation.

The geographic location of the massif, its exposure and the different nature of composing it rocks determine the diversity of the Park's ecosystems. The Apuan Alps is one of the most unusual mountainous areas of Italy, famous for its landscapes. Facing the sea and the foot of the mountains covered with Mediterranean maquis bushes, above meet oak groves and mixed forest with a predominance of hornbeam and chestnut trees, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level grows a beech. Alpine meadows and limestone cliffs are home to plants, which are very interesting from the geobotanical point of view.

The fauna of the Apuan Alps are represented by large mammals, among which there are bears, wolves, lynx, deer, and herbivorous animals - bighorn sheep and mountain goats. In deep caves inhabited by bats are - bats. Special mention deserve birds - red-crested Alpine Chough, which has become the symbol of the Park and found only on several peaks, the Golden eagle nesting in the Northern part of Apuan, red-legged partridge, swallow, Alpine Accentor are just a few of the local kingdoms of birds.

People began to settle in the Apuan Alps since prehistoric times, leaving behind numerous monuments of history and culture. Today thousands of tourists annually visit the national Park, passing through specially equipped trails and stopping at various campsites. All of them here involve amazing nature and attractions. Among the latter can be called underground labyrinth Antro del Corchia, caves Marmitte dei Giganti near Valle degli Alberghi, Monte Forato from the top of which offers a breathtaking view of marble caves in the vicinity of the famous town of Carrara, as well as nearby villages. Seravezza, Stazzema, etc., and “bird sanctuary” with the visitor center, Hiking trails and observation points for bird watching.