/ / National Park Monti Sibillini: photos, description (Parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini)

National Park Monti Sibillini: photos, description (Parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini)

The national Park of Monti Sibillini, whose name can be translated as the Mysterious Mountains of the Park, is situated on the territory of 71.5 thousand hectares in the Italian regions of Umbria and Marche. It was established in 1993 year for the protection of landscapes, which combines magical nature, ancient history and rich culture. The main top of the ridge of the Sibillini mountains, located in the heart of Italy, is the Monte Vettore (2476 m). Just in the Park there are 10 peaks that exceed the height of 2 thousand meters, Monte Sibilla, d'oro, Monte Priora, Monte Argentella etc. the Eastern slopes of the mountains are characterized by narrow river valleys Azo, Tenna and Ambri, and on the Western slopes of the plain Pian di Castelluccio. In addition to several rivers, the Park has an artificial lake of Fiastra and the Lago di Pilato.

Flora of the Park includes 1800 species of plants, among which there are the Apennine Edelweiss, the yellow Alpine crosses, stemless Campion, Turk's cap Lily, bearberry and a huge variety of orchids. In the forests you can see the fluffy oaks, hologramy, white ash, Austrian oaks, chestnuts, hornbeams, beeches and white maples. Diverse ecosystems of this Park are home to numerous animal species - wolves, wild cats, porcupines, rare Martens, snow voles and deer. And birds it hosts over 150 species! It's Golden eagles, peregrine falcons, hawks, owls, rock partridges, snow finches and Alpine Chough.

But in addition to the wild Monti Sibillini rich in monuments of history and architecture, the ancient churches and abbeys, medieval towns and fortresses lying on the slopes and in the foothills. Among the most interesting buildings is the Church of San Vincenzo in Amandola, the churches of the Madonna del Ambri in Montefortino, Santa Maria in Casalicchio in Montemonaco, Santa Maria in Pantano in Montegallo, monasteries Montesanto, Santa Scolastica and Madonna delle Grazie in Norcia, the Abbey of Sant Eutizio in PRECI, the Hermitage of the Grotta dei Frati in Cessapalombo etc.

Interesting for tourists may be visiting the town of visso, founded over 10 centuries before the Roman Empire and is notable for its castles and watchtowers. Nearby is the gorge of GOLA della Valnerina, rugged impetuous river Nera. In the Northern part of the Park is the so-called Raniolo meadows, in summer are the stunning orchids and lilies. There, in the valley of Fiastrone, is the Grotta dei Frati, an ancient monastery. And if you go up the river to the lake of Fiastra, it is possible to find a secluded valley of the Acquasanta with its beautiful waterfalls and Grotto bear. No less interesting may be a walk to the lake Lago di Pilato, nestled at the top of Monte Vettore, according to legend, in the waters of this lake buried himself to Pontius Pilate. Near this place is Gol del Infernaccio - gorge, in which are clearly visible traces of the turbulent river Tenna.