/ / National Park Adamello-Brenta: photo description (Parco Nazionale Adamello-Brenta)

National Park Adamello-Brenta: photo description (Parco Nazionale Adamello-Brenta)

National Park "Adamello-Brenta" is located in the Western part of the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige and consists of mountain ranges of Adamello and Brenta, separated by the Val Rendena valley. Total area of the Park is the largest in Trentino and one of the biggest in Europe - 620,51 sq. km. Around it lies a picturesque valley of the Val di Non, Val di sole and giudicarie. Only on the territory of the Park is the 39 municipalities.

The landscape of the Park is incredibly diverse, which is associated with the ranking of heights from 400 up to 3,500 metres (the mountain of CIMA Presanella), - there are extensive forests, pastures, grassy meadows, rocky cliffs and glaciers. By the way, the Adamello glacier is one of the biggest in Europe. In addition, the Park is famous for its abundance of water resources - some lakes here over 50! All this contributes to the prosperity of wildlife, the richest in the Alps. The Park is home to many mountain species of animals, particularly the many brown bears that became a symbol of the Park, and Alpine goats. No less diverse flora, and similar species richness is found only in some parts of the Alps.

Among the several wonderful valleys entering into the composition of the "Adamello-Brenta", especially stands out long and really wild Val Genova, where the breathtaking peaks tumbling down waterfalls. In the East of the Park is located Dolomiti di Brenta: a fairy landscape of pointed pinnacles and overhanging walls. Amazing valley of the Val di Tovel is considered a true "Alpine pearl" with its famous "red lake Tovel, which received its color from microscopic algae.

The idea of creating a protected area between the mountain massifs Adamello-Presanella and Dolomiti di Brenta appeared in the early 20th century - then there was a speech on the conservation of populations of brown bears, as well as on the protection of lake Tovel and Val Genova, but only in 1967, the Park "Adamello-Brenta" was founded. Today it is one of the main natural attractions of Trentino-Alto Adige, popular among fans of ecological tourism. In addition to the 14 valleys, each of which is interesting in its own way, in the Park there are human creations that deserve attention, is a half - ruined castles and old churches, the former fiefdoms and abandoned monasteries. They are all contemporaries of the legendary emperors and Sibylle, warriors and princesses, and witnesses brutal murders, romantic love stories and betrayals.

To get acquainted with the history of the Park, the natural world and its inhabitants, as well as book a tour at one of the visitor centers "Adamello-Brenta", bearing the common name of case del Parco. From them start of numerous Hiking trails in the territory. Among the most popular is called the trail Dolomiti di Brenta, passing through the most beautiful valleys of the Park, and the path leading to the lake Tovel.