/ / The Aspromonte national Park: photo description (Parco Nazionale Aspromonte)

The Aspromonte national Park: photo description (Parco Nazionale Aspromonte)

The national Park of Aspromonte is situated in the southern part of the Apennine mountains in the Italian region of Calabria. It is composed of tops of a ridge of Aspromonte reaches two thousand meters in height (mount Montalto - 1955 metres). And at the foot of steep mountains lapping the Mediterranean sea. The name Aspromonte can be translated from Italian as "impassable mountains" - the name of the array given by farmers who found its steep slopes and rocky soil difficult for cultivation.

The territory of the national Park of Aspromonte", crossed several waterways, inhabited by many different species of animals, among which the most common are the wolves. The bird Kingdom is represented by the birds of prey - peregrine falcons, hawks-teterevjatnik and eagle owls. The vast spaces of the Park are covered with forests of beech, black and white fir, stone oak, chestnut trees and Mediterranean Bush vegetation. But for a short coastal strip meet citrus, grapes and olive trees. And only here, in the southern part of Aspromonte, grow rare bergamot - lemon-yellow fruit used in perfumes and the production of the famous tea "Earl grey".

In addition to ecological value, national Park of Aspromonte", has a historical, artistic and archaeological value, because these territories since antiquity was inhabited by various tribes. Residents of some villages located on the Park have Greek roots and have kept the Greek culture and tradition.

Today, the Park hosts numerous tours that introduce the heritage of these places. From the peaks of the Aspromonte offers breathtaking views of the Strait of Messina separates Calabria from Sicily, and the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian sea. Among the interesting places of the mountain massif it is worth noting ski resort Gambarie and the Church of Santa Maria di Polsi in the town of San Luca.