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Pirelli skyscraper: a photo, a description (Grattacielo Pirelli)

Pirelli skyscraper, also known as Pirellone, is a 32 - storey building in Milan with a height of more than 124 meters. The footprint of the skyscraper - 1900 sq. m. For its construction we used about 30 thousand cubic meters of concrete. The weight of the building is about 70 thousand tons.

The Pirelli skyscraper is characterized by a clear design, sleek translucent facades and slightly beveled sides, like the bow of the vessel. At the time it was one of the first skyscrapers, which had as its design has challenged the traditional norms of construction. And until recently he was also the tallest building in Italy. Architectural historian Hasan Khan called Pirelli one of the most elegant tall buildings in the world and one of the few in Europe, which entered the history of the construction of skyscrapers." It was the Pirelli tower was used as a basis for the construction of buildings, the MetLife building in new York and alpha tower in Birmingham.

In 1950, Alberto Pirelli, President of Pirelli decided to build a skyscraper on the spot where in the 19th century housed the first factory for the manufacture of automobile tyres, belonging to the family. On building project architect gio Ponti. The construction of the skyscraper began in 1956 year, the year Italy experienced an economic boom. It was assumed that Pirelli tower will be surrounded by lower buildings in the shape of a Pentagon. After completion of construction, the skyscraper became a symbol not only of Milan but of the whole Italian economy. At a height of 124 meters it was the tallest building in the country. In 1978, the year the skyscraper was sold to the administration of the Lombardy region and until 2010 was located the headquarters of the regional government.

On April 18, 2002, the year this afternoon, a small plane, Rockwell Commander 112, registered in Switzerland, hit the building. Probably the plane was flying from Locarno to Milan when he ran out of fuel. Linate airport preparing extra to take the plane to avoid disaster, but suddenly the pilot went to the side and headed straight for the skyscraper. The pilot and two passengers died on the spot.