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Noli: photo description (Noli)

Noli is a small-sized resort, but one of the most famous and attractive places of the Riviera di Ponente in Italian Liguria. The resort is famous for its sandy beaches, ancient castle and fortress walls on the hill above the city and medieval towers, towering over the historic centre.

Visit Noli, as a rule, begins with relaxing on the beach or walk along the promenade. The beach is mostly sandy with small patches of pebbles. He often receives the prestigious European award "Blue flag" for cleanliness of sand and water and convenience to guests. A beautiful promenade lined with palm trees. Interesting and unusual is that there can still be seen operating fishing boats, which are regularly sent to fish in other coastal towns of Liguria this activity as the main source of family income is already gone.

Aside from the beach is the historic centre of Noli - a pleasant place for a stroll. Here you can find small squares with cozy cafes and bars, bustling shopping streets with colorful tents and characteristic wrought iron balconies. A few surviving medieval towers and gates give Noli a view of an authentic Italian village, not just a tourist resort. Part of the old buildings are also preserved its original appearance - is especially famous among tourists Casa PLANO the 14th century, Casa Mallo 13th century and Casa Repetto 14th century. Also, walking through the streets of Noli, you can admire the views of the ancient castle, towering over the city, and fortified walls, which meander among the trees and down the hill. Beyond the historical town centre worth seeing is the Romanesque Church of San Paragorio, were once a Cathedral of Noli, with a bell tower and a semicircular apse. Inside you can see the ancient crypt, and frescoes and a wooden choir of the 13th century.

A few kilometers from Noli the popular resort of Finale Ligure, one of the most picturesque on the Ligurian coast.