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Numana: photo description (Numana)

Numana is a coastal town near Ancona. In ancient times it was known under the name Humana. Legend has it that the founder of the town was a mythical Queen Piceno - woman-giant, half body which had the shape of a snake, and back of which grew huge wings. It has metal balls of fire on the shore, burning down the forest, and the ashes grew Humana, which in Latin means "man".

Numana is located in the heart of the Adriatic coast of Italy, at the southern spurs of Monte Conero. Almost 92% of the city included in the regional Park "Monte Conero".

The old part of the city is often called "Numana Alta" as it lies on the cliff top overlooking the sea and is virtually a continuation of the other resort town of Sirolo. "Numana Bassa" is the area around the port. Upper Numana beach consists of two small bays - the so-called Spiaggione beach. And lower beach of Numana stretches South to the village of Marcelli. The inner part of the city is mainly hilly and at the mouth of the river Muson located wetlands of great ecological value.

Of the attractions of Numana is called, first of all, the Temple of the Crucifix (Santuario del Crocifisso) - it was built in 1968 year, the place of another temple, the creation of which is attributed to Pellegrino Tibaldi. Preserved some frescoes by the painter Andrea Lilli and wooden crucifix, which, I believe, in the 9th century the Emperor Charlemagne was carrying a gift to Pope Leo III, but the storm was forced to leave in Ancona. Also worth seeing is the Bishop's Palace - Palazzo Vescovile that once belonged to noble Roman families and acquired by the bishops of Ancona as a summer residence. Today it houses the town Hall. Deserve attention and the Roman arch and aqueduct, located a short distance from each other. The arch was part of the tower collapsed during the earthquake of 1930-th year, and an aqueduct which adorned a fountain used to provide water to the inhabitants of Ancona until the mid-20th century.

Two areas of Numana - Marcelli and Taunus mountains are the tourist resorts. The first is located 4 km from the city. This is the main coastal resort of the Riviera del Conero. In the Taunus built many hotels of different levels.