/ / Lake Idro: photos, description (Lago di Idro)

Lake Idro: photos, description (Lago di Idro)

Lake Idro is located in the province of Brescia in the Italian region of Lombardy and in the local dialect is called Aridia. It is of glacial origin and lies at an altitude of 368-feet above sea level is the highest pre-Alpine lake in Italy. This freshwater lake is formed by the Chiese river, which it follows.

Idro is a pretty large lake, its surface area equal to 11.4 sq. km, and maximum depth is 122 meters! It is a major concern of scientists, because its waters are intensively used for irrigation, and due to the lack of drain into bogs. In 1920-ies there were built the dam that made the lake Idro the first Italian natural lake with a regulated water flow. Until 1987, the year this dam was controlled by a specially created company, however, has been more than 20 years, the debate continues between the communities of local residents, administrative authorities and the Corporation "L ENEL", which uses water Idro for the operation of the power station. Currently implementing a number of measures to limit the lowering of the lake level - it's all done for the recovery of Idro and cleansing waters.

The good location of lake Idro in the picturesque foothills of the Italian Alps makes it a great place for the development of outdoor activities - rafting, mountain Biking, skiing, water sports. Around the lake there are several Hiking trails. Contributes to the development of tourism and the presence of excellent road network, linking Idro with major international airports of Brescia, Verona, Venice, Milan. And finally, the complete breathtaking views of Northern Italy, clean mountain air, diverse Alpine flora and fauna that attracts many tourists. On the shores of the lake, surrounded by forested mountains, there are four commune - Idro, ANFO, and Bagolino Bondone.