/ / Lake Iseo: photo description (Lago di Iseo)

Lake Iseo: photo description (Lago di Iseo)

Lake Iseo, located in the province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy, notably a large number of small picturesque villages on its shores, as well as monuments of architecture and picturesque agricultural buildings. Another name of the lake Sebino. It is located between the first foothills of the Southern Alps and the fertile plain of the river Po. To the West rises mount Bronzone (1334 m), the East - peaks Guglielmo (1949 meters) and Punta Almana (1391 m). With these picks, by the way, you have a breathtaking panorama of the lake has the shape of the letter "S".

On the Bergamo shores of lake Iseo you can admire the beautiful landscapes and incredibly diverse landscapes: craggy walls rising from the water, olive groves and tiny coves and bays and historic settlements. In the center of the lake is green island Montisola, Europe's largest lake island, and small Islands of San Paolo and Loreto, that can be viewed while boating or during water sports. Special pleasure delivers the tourists acquainted with the local gastronomic traditions and tasting fine wines at one of the many restaurants of the valley, Calepio.

In the small town of Lovere at the top of Iseo, you can see the fascinating art gallery of the Academy of Tadini and the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valindra. Further along the Western shore of the lake, from the village of Castro, the landscape is particularly attractive with its vertical cliffs, tunnels and carved deep in the mountains roads. Closer to Riva di Sol", the landscape becomes softer, and the vegetation suddenly becomes typically Mediterranean, with its beeches, olive trees and cypresses.

Each of the tiny villages of Iseo boasts something unusual: for example, in Tavernola of Bergamasca in the Church of San Pietro are preserved beautiful frescoes of Romanino, Predore worth seeing the Church of San Giorgio, and Sarnico is famous as a renowned resort and attracts many visitors to its villas in the style of art Nouveau, the art gallery "Gianni Bellini" and the elegant promenade. Also interested in the Church is Estate di Sol " Collin, Credaro and outside villongo. You should pay attention to the castles Castelli, Calepio. And in the area surrounding the village of Collina Sol " lies the natural reserve "Valle del freddo" - the Valley Cold.