/ / Levico lake: photos, description Lago di Levico)

Levico lake: photos, description Lago di Levico)

Lake Levico, surrounded on all sides by lush vegetation, is the largest on the territory of the Valsugana, the Lagorai in the Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. Here is the popular tourist resort of Levico Terme and is close to the another Spa resort of Vetriolo. On the shores of the lake built two nice hotel and a beach, free to the public. Tourists can stroll along one of the equipped trails laid in the Bush, for example, the beautiful via dei Pescatori.

Form lake Levico is associated with the Norwegian fjords. Deep in coastal thickets, you can try to cast a rod and catch one of many species of fish that inhabit the waters of the lake. Trout fishing is perhaps the most popular local entertainment, attracting many fishermen, both professionals and Amateurs. In addition, tourists can visit the protected area in the southern part of the lake there grows sugar cane.

Levico Terme is a small resort town, one of the few that has preserved its appearance since the 19th century. Here are still valid Thermae and baths, historic hotels accept visitors, and lush gardens full of flowers and lawns delight the eye of visitors. Houses built in a traditional Alpine style, which is also a distinctive feature of the town. Local attractions include Park of the Habsburgs, divided by the term, Benn hill with the Fort, the Church of San Biagio, with frescoes of the 14th century, the plateau Vezzena, Fort verle Buza ski resort Panarotta 2002 and castle ruins of Selva. The castle was built in the 8th century as a shelter for local inhabitants from the raids of the barbarians. To explore its ruins, having gone the way of the small village of Selva. In the Eastern part of the city, before entering the Spa Park of the former hospital gardens, stands a Roman sarcophagus.