/ / Lake Mezzola: photos, description (Lago di Mezzola)

Lake Mezzola: photos, description (Lago di Mezzola)

Lake Mezzola is a small pond in the Italian region of Lombardy lying between the plains of Pian di Spagna, which separates it from lake Como, and the piano di Chiavenna, which is the town of Chiavenna. Both plain crossed by the river Mera - main tributary of lake Mezzola and its only runoff. The measure also connects Mezzola to lake Como. In addition to Measures have Mazzoli there are two tributaries: river Encoder, flowing through the Val Encoder, and the river Ratti, crossing the valley Valle dei Ratti.

Despite its small size - the lake area of only 5.9 square km - Mezzola is environmentally significant wetland. Along with the Pian di Spagna it forms the natural reserve "Pian di Spagna and Lago di Mezzola". Within the reserve are also located in the municipality of Sorico, Gera Lario, Dubino, Novate Mezzola and Verceia.

Once upon a time this whole area was part of the Northern arm of lake Como, which extended North up to Samolaco, in ancient times known as "Summus Lakus -" top of the lake". But later because of the constant floods of the river Adda, which was formed by alluvial deposits, formed the Pian di Spagna, divided Como Mezzola.

Today, the Mezzola lake is an important stopping point for many migratory birds. You can get here as part of tour groups.