/ / Lago di Tovel: photos, description (Lago di Tovel)

Lago di Tovel: photos, description (Lago di Tovel)

Lake Tovel is an Alpine lake located in the municipality of Tuenno the province of Trento. It lies at an altitude of 1178 meters above sea level in the scenic landscape of the national Park "Adamello-Brenta". Its surface area is 370 thousand sq. m. In 1980, the year the lake Tovel was taken under protection of the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of special significance.

This is often called a " Bear lake (Lago degli Orsi) because in its vicinity is inhabited by brown bears, and Red (Lago Rosso) - until 1964, the year of the water was regularly turned red due to algae bloom. Scientists suggest that the flowering has stopped due to lack of organic substances, in particular nitrogen and phosphorus, the contents of which are dropped after a change in the way of grazing cattle in the vicinity of the reservoir. Historical documents early 19th century in reference to the lake of Tovel, not a word about this phenomenon of flowering, but a lot is said about the exceptional taste qualities of live fish in it.

Among local residents there is a beautiful and sad legend of lake Tovel. They say that in ancient times in these places lived a Princess Trezege, the daughter of the last king of Ragoli. Many wealthy suitors wanted to marry her, but am a shrew refused them all. However, one of them, Lavento, king of Tuenno, did not put up with failure and directed against Ragoli an army, hoping to persuade Treningu. But neither the girl nor her people did not want to obey arrogant, Lavine and decided to repel the attack, despite the fact that inferior in numbers and weapons. Trasera herself headed his army. The battle played out on the shores of lake Tovel, where the peasants Ragoli, fell under the blows of soldiers Tuenno. She Trasera was killed by the king of Lavine, who struck her with a blow of his sword. By the end of the day, the water of the lake turned red - so great was the number of dead. Since then until the present day the lake was regularly reminded of the bravery of the inhabitants of Ragoli and the Princess whose spirit supposedly at night you can see the crying on the shore.