/ / Lake Endine: photos, description (Lago di Endine)

Lake Endine: photos, description (Lago di Endine)

Lake Endine with a length of about 6 km is the most prominent attraction in the valley Cavallina in the province of Bergamo. In the waters of this lake and in the nearby tiny lake Gaiano reflect the gorgeous surrounding landscape and coastal village Spinone al Lago, notable for its Romanesque Church of San Pietro, Monasterolo del Castello with its medieval castle with a Park, Ranzanico with the Church of San Bernardino, Endine Gaiano with the Church of San Giorgio and the other small settlements.

Rich in its wildlife, sheltered among the thickets of reeds, the lake Endine is famous for the abundance of wonderful water lilies. Popular among countless fishermen to the waters of the lake are inhabited with various species of fish which are not afraid of motor boats. On lake move only on conventional boats, canoes or catamarans. And yet the lake has long attracted nature lovers and scientists-naturalists - known biological phenomenon of seasonal movements of gray toads. In especially severe winters the waters freeze Endine, creating unusual for such a low-elevation landscape (only 350 meters above the sea level). Calm and peaceful atmosphere of the lake along with serene landscapes make it a great place to stay.

In the surroundings of Endine tourists can find a variety of recreational opportunities. For example, Cenate Sopra village lies the nature reserve "Valpadana", and the village of trescore Balneario, Balneario famous for its thermal Spa-complex of San Pancrazio and the Villa Suardi, frescoed by Lorenzo Lotto. In Luzzana it's worth seeing the Museum of modern art, Alberto Meli, the Casazza - valley Museum Cavallina and Bianzano - medieval castle, Sardis. The surroundings of the village of Entratico attract grotto Buca del Corno Grotto. Finally, in Monasterolo del Castello deserves the attention of the House-Museum of the Fisherman.