/ / Aquarium and Exhibition of sharks: photo, description, Aquarium, Reptilarium and Shark Expo)

Aquarium and Exhibition of sharks: photo, description, Aquarium, Reptilarium and Shark Expo)

The aquarium and shark Exhibit, located in the resort town of Lido di Jesolo, is a great way to see live reptiles, tropical butterflies and predatory sharks. Also within its walls inhabited by snakes, turtles, tropical fish, spiders, Scorpions and various insects. A special area is reserved for a Gallery of Butterflies, which attracts lovers of these fragile creatures of nature from around the world.

In the Shark Expo pavilion located in the Palazzo del Turismo, in 25 huge containers of water collected 60 sharks from around the world, belonging to 24 species. This is a unique opportunity to witness these extraordinary creatures so close. Here are the Zambezi shark is the only instance in the whole of Europe (all of them in captivity contains three individuals, two others - in South Africa and in Japan) and the impressive sand tiger sharks. Despite his frightening appearance and dangerous fangs, actually these sharks are relatively calm and swim slowly enough to allow you to see itself in all its glory. Tiger sand sharks once inhabited the basin of the Mediterranean sea, however, disappeared completely due to the fact that the person was producing them in huge quantities. There are bull sharks, they are also bullish, unjustly considered very dangerous because of their appearance - small eyes, always open mouth and long sharp fangs. In reality, they prey only on small fish, cephalopods and rays. It long sharp fangs allow roundnose sharks to bite into the prey, among which can be and octopuses.

Also, in the Shark Expo, you can admire rare sharks-hammers, which are rarely seen in aquariums, the yellow shark, an incredibly elegant sobravime sharks, whose flowing movements captivate all visitors, two nurse sharks-nurses - Oscar and Matilda, carpet shark and the Asian cat shark. The small occupant of the exposition is in the Dean of 10 cm, and the largest roundnose shark Rocco reaches 3 meters.

The local Museum displays the huge size of the jaw of a white shark and fossil shark teeth, ancient and modern fixtures to protect them from attacks of predators from all over the world, numerous photos and historical documents. In the video room to watch documentaries about sharks and shark attacks on people.