/ / The surroundings of Vibo Valentia: photo description (Sobborgo di Vibo-Valentia)

The surroundings of Vibo Valentia: photo description (Sobborgo di Vibo-Valentia)

In the heart of the Italian region Calabria, South of Cosenza and North of Reggio Calabria, lies the small resort town of Vibo Valentia, capital of the province, occupying jutting out into the Tyrrhenian sea Peninsula. The province includes 50 municipalities, stretching along the Tyrrhenian coast and extending deep into the mountains of Serre. Part of the province is agricultural land on the plateau of Poro. Up to 192 ad Vibo Valentia was a Greek colony, and the present province was founded in 1992 year. Its main wealth - the boundless blue sea and the verdant plateaus with mountains in the background Serra.

The Gulf of Sant'eufemia in the Northern part of the province and the Gulf of Gioia Tauro in the South, surrounded by hills and mountains. For centuries these lands are treated with local farmers. Hence, with hills covered with olive, orange and lemon groves, breathtaking views of the beauty of Vibo Valentia. Here you can find vineyards and swaying reed beds and to breathe the exhilarating fragrance of blossoming oranges.

Landmark Vibo Valentia - the Costa degli Dei (coast of the Gods), the rugged coast, full of rocky bays and sandy beaches. Above it rises the mountain range Serra with wide valleys, green plateaus and dense forests.

Farther along the coast, you can be in Pizzo, a small medieval town, whose historical center is a real maze of streets, running to the main square. It was here on summer evenings is going, it seems the entire city. Local attraction is the small Church of Piedigrotta, carved directly into the rock.

Further South is Briatico, an ancient settlement, which, according to legend, was founded by the ancient Greeks, natives of Locri. It is definitely one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the province. On the coast one after the other settled towns of Zambrone, Parghelia, Ioppolo, Nicotera. But, of course, the most famous resort here is Tropea is a lovely town, founded, as they say, by Hercules. According to another legend, the founder of Tropea was Scipio Africanus returned to Rome with the victory over Carthage. In reality, in the history of the city you can see ancient Roman, Byzantine, Norman, Swabian, Angevin and Aragonese traces.

Further located in Philadelphia, which attracts tourists by the lake Angitola. Here is the Certosa di Serra San Bruno, founded in the 12th century. And in the next Mileto worth a visit the Benedictine Abbey of trinità, with an impressive Cathedral.

The wonderful Costa degli Dei is a real Paradise for lovers of water sports. Underwater excursions allow you to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the seabed, and kite surfing and Windsurfing will give the necessary physical activity. Also the surroundings of Vibo Valentia will appeal to fans of Hiking, Cycling and bird-watcher.