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Ortona: photo description (Ortona)

Ortona is the ideal place for those interested in history and archaeology. Like many other towns in the province of Chieti, Ortona boasts a huge number of monuments of the middle ages. But it is also the site of the famous Battle of Ortona during the Second World war. That battle was one of the most important battles of WWII and one of the worst in the history of mankind - Winston Churchill called it "little Stalingrad." For those who want to learn the details of military action, you should definitely visit the Museum of the battle of Ortona, devoted entirely to the sad episode.

No less interesting and medieval monuments Ortona, for example, the Church of San Toma Apostolo, Santa Maria da Constantinople, Santa Maria Dell, Olivastro, Santa Caterina, Santissima trinità and San Rocco. Constant attention of tourists and Aragonese castle, and three of the local monastery. Near the city lies the national Park of Abruzzo".

Ortona itself was probably founded by italic tribes. In 2005, during archaeological excavations near the castle was discovered a bronze age settlement. It is around this settlement in Roman times and the town grew. For several centuries Ortona remained a part of the Roman Empire until it was annexed to the Lombard Kingdom. In 803, the year the Franks seized the city and made it part of the County of Chieti.

In the first half of the 15th century was built a strong defensive wall Ortona, because in that period the city was in a state of conflict with neighboring Lanciano. And in the middle of the 15th century the port of Ortona was destroyed by the Venetians. After joining United Italy in 1860 year, Ortona became one of the first resorts on the Adriatic coast.