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Ossuccio: photos, description (Ossuccio)

Ossuccio - a picturesque resort town located on the Western shore of lake Como, about 20 km northeast of Como. According to the last census (2004), it lived only about a thousand people.

World famous, Ossuccio received in 2003, when located within the Sacred Mountain (Sacro Monte) was added to the list of Cultural Heritage of UNESCO along with other eight sacred places of the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. The religious complex of Sacro Monte di Ossuccio is located on a cliff at an altitude of 200 meters above lake Como. Surrounded by olive groves and woodland, it stands apart from all other buildings. The fourteen chapels, constructed between 1635 and 1710 years in the Baroque style, linked by a trail that leads to the cliff top to the Church of La Beata Vergine del Soccorso, built in 1532, the year.

In addition, Ossuccio worth seeing is the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, famous for its Gothic bell tower, the chapel of San Giacomo of the 11th-12th centuries with the ancient cycle of frescoes, Villa del Barbiano the end of the 16th century and a more modern Villa Leoni, built in the mid-20th century.

In the municipality of Ossuccio also includes the small island of Comacina in length about kilometer and half a kilometer wide. The island lies off the Western shore of lake Como in front of the Bay Sacs de l Oli. In the 6th century Comacina was a Roman stronghold on the lake, while other local areas were under the control of the Lombards. In 1919, the island as a sign of respect gave the Belgian king albert I, but a year later he returned to Italy. Today Comacina is open to tourists who can explore here the ruins of the ancient baptistery and the Foundation of the old Church. Also, the island is one of the most famous on lake Como restaurants "La locanda Dell'isola Comacina", a superb menu, which, on the assurances of the owners, has not changed since 1948!