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Island Barbana: photos, description (Barbana)

Barbana is a small island located at the Northern tip of the lagoon of Grado, near Trieste. On this island is the ancient Church of Santa Maria di Barbana dedicated to the virgin Mary; it was founded in 582, the year when Elia, Patriarch of Aquilani, built a Church near the shelter of a hermit by the name of Barbaro. Today the island is home to a small community of Franciscan monks, and is accessible by ferry from Grado.

According to legend, in ancient times, during the terrible storm, the sea washed up on the shore Barbany the image of the virgin Mary, which was then found under the elm. In those years the island was still part of the mainland - lagoon of Grado is formed only in the 5th to 7th centuries. Approximately 1000-year Barbana became an island, and built on it the Church was occupied by the monks from the order of varnavidou. However, the original Church of the 6th century was destroyed during one of the floods and later rebuilt. Unfortunately, it was lost and that the image of the virgin Mary, and in the 11th century in its place appeared a wooden statue known as the Madonna Mora. This Black Madonna is now kept in the chapel near the main Church - Domus Mariae.

From the 11th to the 15th century, the temple belonged to the religious order of the Benedictines, in whose place came Franciscan monks which was built in the 18th century a new Church. The current Church building was built in the early 20th century in the Romanesque style. From the old buildings preserved two ancient Roman columns and a bas-relief of the 10th century with the image of Jesus. The crowned statue of Mary dates from the 15th century, and several altars and paintings, including the painting the school of Tintoretto, belong to the 17th century. In the woods next to the Church stands a small chapel Capella del Apparizione, built in 1854, the year she was built on the very spot where it was found the image of the virgin Mary.

Today, the island Barbana is a place of pilgrimage. Every year in July there is the festival de Perdon Barbara in honor of the deliverance of the town from the plague in 1237, the year.