/ / The island of Giannutri: photos, description (Isola di Giannutri)

The island of Giannutri: photos, description (Isola di Giannutri)

Giannutri is a small island in the Tyrrhenian sea off the coast of Tuscany; the most southern of the Islands of the Tuscan archipelago and forms part of the commune of Isola del Giglio province of Grosseto. Located 16 km South-East from Isola del Giglio and 17.5 km from Porto Ercole.

The Romans called the Isle of Dianium, and the ancient Greeks - Artemesia. The island is Crescent shaped Bay with Spalmati in the center. The length of the island from North to South from Cape Punta del Capo Rosso to the Cape of Punta Secca - about 2.8 km; from West to East from the Cape of Punta San Francesco to Cape Punta della Salvezza 2 km from the coastline of the island is rugged with many small coves and caves, especially in the southern part. Bathing beaches only two or Cala dello, Palmarejo in the North-East and Cala Maestra to the North-West. Also, there are three peaks of the island - Poggio del Cannone (83 m), Monte Mario (78 m) and Drops of Poggio Rosso (93 m). On top of the latest mountains in 1883, the year the lighthouse was built - it is a one-storey building with a height of 9 metres with balcony and lens, painted white with red stripes.

Giannutri has been inhabited in Roman times, then, around the 3rd century BC, it was abandoned for reasons which remain unclear, and re-open in the 805th year of the monks of the Abbey of Tre Fontane and some hermits. In later centuries, the island has several times passed from hand to hand - it belonged to the Spaniards, the French, the Germans, became a refuge for pirates and Saracens, and only in the 19th century finally became part of the Kingdom of Italy. In 1865, the year the Minister of Finance Quintino Sella gave the island comune of Isola del Giglio to found on it an agricultural enterprise. In the 20th century the island belonged to the family della Scaletta, and only in the 1970s began the development of Giannutri as a tourist resort Cala Spalmati the hotel was built.

Attraction of the island of Giannutri is the Villa Domizia, an ancient Villa built in the 1st or 2nd century. It is located in the centre of the island on a small hill near Punta Scaletta and Cala Maestra. The Villa and its surroundings are the responsibility of the Ministry of cultural heritage of Italy. Accommodation units located at the highest level, to get to them was only possible via stairs. At the same level was a terrace with views of the coast of Argentario. Ruins of a building with 8 rooms that were probably used by the monks as a sanctuary and was called Conventio. From the Villa you can get to the beach of Cala Maestro.

Today, the island of Giannutri and its waters are part of the national Park "Tuscan Archipelago". Most of the island is privately owned, and only some areas are the responsibility of the Ministry of environment of Italy.