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Isola Bella: photos, description (Isola Bella)

Isola Bella, the name of which from Italian translates as "beautiful island", is part of the Borromean archipelago - group of Islands located on lake Maggiore. This tiny piece of land with a total length of 320 meters and a width of 400 meters, lies opposite the town of Stresa. Almost the entire territory of "beautiful island" is a sumptuous Palazzo Borromeo and a large fleet.

For the first time, the European aristocracy drew attention to this rocky island in 1632, the year when Charles III, a member of the family Borromeo decided to build a country residence for his wife Isabella. The first architect of the Palace was the Milanese Angelo Crivelli, who also designed the garden. And finished the construction and arrangement of the internal space of Carlo Fontana, by the time the island was in the hands of his sons Carlo, Giberto and Vitaliano. Already in the 18th century Isola Bella with its Palazzo has attracted famous guests from all over Europe, it was visited by Napoleon and Josephine, the English lords and Russian princes. They say that Caroline of Brunswick, Queen of England, fell in love with these places and begged the Borromeo family to sell her island, but received a firm refusal.

Today, Palazzo Borromeo, in the style of the Lombard Baroque, is a Museum. The halls of the Palace, bearing the iconic names - Napoleon Hall, the Hall of Tapestries, the Hall of Luca-Giordano, paintings, sculptures and antique furniture. The lower level is remarkable with six artificial caves, which are decorated with shells.

The spacious Park around the Palazzo was inaugurated in 1671, the year consists of English and Italian gardens. The latter is a platform of the ten terraces, decorated by niches, fountains, statues, etc. At the top of the platform at a height of 34 meters is the unicorn - a symbol of the noble family Borromeo.