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Isola dei Pescatori: photos, description (Isola dei Pescatori)

Isola dei Pescatori, whose name translates as the Island of fishermen, is part of the Borromean archipelago, located on lake Maggiore. Also known as Isola Superiore it is the northernmost of the three main Islands of the archipelago and the only inhabited throughout the year. It is home to about 30 people.

In length of Isola dei Pescatori reaches 375 meters, width - one hundred meters. A narrow street that runs along the island ridge", is connected to a few cobblestones from the quay, envelope the entire island. The promenade is frequently flooded water of Lago Maggiore, and standing on her house built with this features.

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the Isola dei Pescatori is still engaged in the work of their ancestors of fishing, tourism is the main source of their income. The charm of this picturesque island has made it a popular tourist destination. Most often come here with a day trip from the lakeside resort towns. Famous Isola dei Pescatori and its restaurants, where you can taste fresh seafood. In addition, the island has a few hotels, souvenir shops and boutiques selling hand-made stuff.

Attraction in Isola dei Pescatori is the Church of San Vittore, dedicated to the Christian Martyr St. Victor the moor. It survived a small apse of the ancient chapel, probably built for the monks of the Abbey Scoccola in the 11th century. Later the Shrine was rebuilt in the Gothic style, and in 1627, the year the new Church was consecrated in honor of St. Victor. Inside you can see frescoes of the 16th century and the throne of the 17th century with the busts of the four bishops of St. Ambrogio of Milan, St. Gaudenzio of Novara St. Francis of Sales and St. Charles Borromeo.

A few residents of the Isola dei Pescatori piously revere the traditions of their ancestors. So, in August they celebrate the feast of Ferragosto, during which the procession of lighted fishing boats wheeling around the island the statue of the blessed virgin Mary.

Between the Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella lies the tiny uninhabited island of Malghera an area of only 200 square meters Covered with lush vegetation, it is renowned for its small but nice beach.