/ / Island Malaria: photo, description La Meloria)

Island Malaria: photo, description La Meloria)

Malaria - rocky island surrounded by a sandy shoal off the coast of Tuscany in Ligurian sea. Located 6 km to the Northwest of Livorno. The shallow waters around the island are extremely interesting from the archaeological, naturalistic and historical points of view. Since 2010, the year this area is part of the marine protected area of "Secca della Meloria" and is part of the natural Park "Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli". Total area - 9.3 hectares, the sea depth here varies from 2 to 30 meters.

In 1157, the year pisanty built on a rocky island lighthouse, to protect their ships, bound for Porto Pisano, from the treacherous shoal. Followed the beacon of the Augustinian monks of the monastery of San Jacopo in Acquaviva. Later the lighthouse was destroyed by the Genoese, and the second in its place was built only in 1598, the year on the orders of Ferdinando I de ' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany. This beacon, in turn, was destroyed during a severe storm. The current lighthouse tower was built in 1709, by order of Cosimo III de ' Medici, and is notable for its form: the structure consists of four square pillars joined by a Gothic arches, and reaches 15 meters in height. This design was chosen in order to waves at high tide could pass freely under it without destroying its Foundation. On the South side of the structure there is a Latin inscription: "For safe navigation, pay attention to the reefs". In 1986, the year the lighthouse was completely restored.

In 1867, the year on the cliff 157 meters South from the ancient lighthouse of Meloria, which had no light signalling was installed a metal lighthouse with a height of 20 meters. In the 1950s, he was replaced by a round tower with a height of 18 meters with a lantern and a balcony. It stands out because of its colors: the upper part is painted yellow and the bottom black.

Off the coast of Meloria in the 13th century there were two battles: the first was held in may 1241, the year between the troops of Emperor Frederick II and the Genoese, and the second in August 1248, the year in which Pisa as a Maritime power, was defeated and lost his glory Genoa.

In November 1971, the year in the shallows of Meloria crashed aircraft of the Italian air force - killed 46 passengers and 6 crew members. At the time this disaster was considered the largest in the history of Italian military aviation in time of peace.