/ / The island of Panarea: photo description (Isola Panarea)

The island of Panarea: photo description (Isola Panarea)

Panarea is the second smallest of the Aeolian Islands (after Basiluzzo) located to the North of Sicily. This volcanic island with a population of about 280 people administratively belong to the municipality of Lipari. In the height of tourist season the population of Panarea is increased many times, and in recent years to rest here fell in love with Hollywood celebrities.

Panarea is an extinct volcano with an area of about 3.4 sq. km the Highest peak of the island, Punta del Corvo (421 m). Near the villages of Punta di Peppe and Maria are thermal springs, and near the coast, between the rocks of Lisca Bianca and Bottaro, were found the remains of sunken ships, which have now become a popular tourist attraction, primarily for divers.

On Panarea were discovered traces of a settlement of the Mycenaean civilization (around 1200 BC), but the first who colonized the island, were ancient Romans. Only in the Middle ages as a result of constant attacks by pirates and other brigands life on the island became unbearable, and he was abandoned by people. Today Panarea has become a favorite vacation spot for celebrities. And in 2000-m to year together with other Aeolian Islands, it was included in the UNESCO world Natural Heritage - for this reason the construction on the island is strictly limited, and local communes to retain their separateness.

Panarea has a first aid station, ATM, shops, bar, restaurants and disco, one of the most famous in the Mediterranean. On the island of little beaches which can be reached on foot, but there is a sandy beach, one of the few on the Aeolian Islands. Mostly swimming and sunbathing go to numerous tiny Islands and reefs, scattered around Panarea.