/ / The island of Stromboli: photo description (Isola Stromboli)

The island of Stromboli: photo description (Isola Stromboli)

Stromboli - one of the most famous Islands of the Aeolian archipelago. It is homonymous active volcano, which is erupting continuously for the last two thousand years! Small eruptions occur every 10 to 15 minutes, and the last major eruption happened in 2009-m year. The volcano height is equal 926 meters above sea level, and if you count from the sea floor, it reaches 2 thousand meters. On its surface there are three craters and sciara del Fuoco - "stream of fire" - a horseshoe-shaped depression was formed over the last 13 thousand years.

The island of Stromboli is relatively small. Its permanent population is only about 800 people, and almost all are busy in the tourism business. Settlements on the island, only three - San Bartolo and San Vincenzo in the North-East and Ginostra in the North-West.

Tourists arrive one after the other in organized groups to climb to the top of a volcano and observe its eruption. Night these eruptions are visible for long distances, and so the volcano is often called "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean". In addition, you can explore the rock Strombolicchio, located 2 km North-East of Stromboli. It is a remnant of the original volcano. On top of Strombolicchio lighthouse, accessed by a staircase of 200 steps, it is also a tourist attraction.