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Tavolara island: photos, description (Tavolara)

Tavolara is a small island lying off the North-Eastern coast of Sardinia and represents a limestone rock with a length of 5 km and a width of about 1 km, the Highest peak of the island - Monte Cannone (565 meters). You can get here by boat from Olbia - ships can moor in the Bay of Spalmatore di Fuori in the North-East or Spalmatore whether the Terra in the South-West. Nearby Islands Molaro and Molarotto.

Today Tavolara included created in 1997, the nature reserve of Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo", inhabited by a few families who are engaged mainly in the tourism business. The island is very popular destination for diving enthusiasts, who come here to admire the colonies of corals, sponges, sea anemones, bottlenose dolphins and rare giant mollusc Pinna nobilis.

History Tavolara very unusual. In the mid-18th century, when was created the Kingdom of Sardinia, the island was not part of it, and remained in the ownership of a family of Bertoleoni. One hundred years later, in 1836, the Sardinian king Charles albert, who visited Tavolara, acknowledged Giuseppe Bertoleoni sovereign ruler. Then the island passed to his son Giuseppe, who in 1845 became king Paolo I. After the unification of Italy in 1861, Tavolara, again, remained independent, and Paolo I even aspired to the sovereignty and formal recognition of the new state. Only after his death in 1886 the monarchy on the island was replaced by a Republic, and introduced universal suffrage. Although in 1899 the monarchy, headed by the dynasty of Bertoleoni was restored - it was recognized even by the British Queen Victoria, who had sent a photographer to take a picture for your collection of Royal portraits. In 1903 the king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III signed a Treaty of friendship between the two countries. Further Tavolara rulers succeeded each other, but on the island practically lived. In 1962, died Paolo II and Tavolara was built radiogoniometry station NATO, marking the actual end of existence of the independent Kingdom of Tavolara. Then most of the population of the island was relocated, and their place was taken by the military. The current descendant of Bertoleoni - Tonino - manages a local restaurant "Da Tonino", and his works in La Spezia is the Prince Ernesto Jeremiah di Tavolara. Today Tavolara is part of Italy, although officially declared the annexation never happened.

Among the interesting sights Tavolara can be called the rock in the form of a human figure, which is called "Stone guard" or "Pope's rock." Other attention-grabbing rock formations - the "Bow of Ulysses" (natural arch) and Grotta del Papa (the cave paintings of Neolithic times). On Tavolara prickly knapweed grows - endemic species found only here. And since the 1960-ies in the coastal waters of the island there is a colony of monk seal, a species under threat of extinction.