/ / The island Filicudi: photo description (Isola Filicudi)

The island Filicudi: photo description (Isola Filicudi)

Filicudi is one of the Islands of the Aeolian archipelago, located between the Islands of Alicudi and Salina. Administratively belongs to the commune of Lipari. On Filicudi, covering an area of 9.5 sq. km, there are several villages - Filicudi Porto, Rocca di Cauli, Pecorini and Val di Chiesa. The population of the island engaged in fishing and agriculture - is growing grapes, olives, grains and vegetables. In addition, the local economy plays an important role in the tourism, since 1997, the year most of the island (7 sq km) was declared a protected area - now here come the nature lovers. Of the natural attractions of Filicudi can be called Monte fossa Velci the highest mountain on the island (774 m) located off the coast of the rock of La Canna height of 85 m and dormant volcanoes Montagnola and Torrioni. Deserve the attention of the numerous sea caves and grottoes, the most famous of which is the BUE Marino.

Filicudi, whose name comes from the distorted Greek word for "Phoenician," was inhabited in the Neolithic period, about 5 thousand years ago. Then, in the bronze age, the island came new people, which was later succeeded by the ancient Greeks. Preserved on the island and the traces of the Romans and the Byzantines. And in 1970-ies Filicudi was "discovered" by artists - the first of its "preachers" have become photographers and artists like Sergio Obijeski, Ettore of Sottsas, Roland Jossa and Einaudi. Through their efforts the island was in the spotlight of international tourism.

Despite this, Filicudi, and is now considered a "lost" island, a place of solitude and rest - even among the inhabitants of the neighbouring Lipari. Best time to visit the island is spring, when flowers bloom and all the surrounding land is painted in millions of shades. This is the best time of year to go Hiking on ancient trails laid over the entire island. Usually the tour starts from the port, located in the North of Filicudi, where arriving boats. There are shops, ATM / cash machine, boat rental, etc. from There you can go to Val di Chiesa, or the prehistoric village Pecorini a small Marina, a few colorful houses and a beautiful beach - it is located near the promontory of Capo Graziano. It is at this Cape was made by some archaeological finds. In Pecorini is home to only about 500 people, and around the village stretched the lemon groves and lush Mediterranean shrubs.