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Palazzi Barbaro, photo, description (Palazzi Barbaro)

Palazzi Barbaro-also known as Palazzo Barbaro, CA’ Barbaro, and Palazzo Barbaro-Curtis, standing next to the palaces located in Venetian district of San Marco, and once belonged to a noble family of Barbaro. The palaces are on the waterfront of the Grand canal near Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti and not far from the Bridge Academy and are among the least altered of the Gothic palaces of Venice.

The first of the two palaces was built in 1425, the year in the Venetian Gothic style by the project of Giovanni Bon, one of the main town of the masons. At the beginning of the 15th century it belonged to Piero Spiera, then several times passed from hand to hand until in 1465, the year was not purchased Zakaria Barbaro, Procurator of San Marco.

The second Palazzo designed in the Baroque style and was designed in 1694, the year Antonio Gaspari, one of the outstanding architects of the 17th century. The building once had two floors and belonged to the family Taliapietra, which in the 16th century, ceded it to the family of Barbaro. In 1694-98 the years Gaspari a few altered Palace, has attached to it ball room with luxurious moulding in the Baroque style, with paintings depicting scenes from the history of Ancient Rome. In the 18th century on the 3rd floor of the Palazzo was created by the elegant library, the arches of which was decorated with rich stucco. In the center you can see one of the masterpieces of Tiepolo's painting "the glorification of the Barbaro family", now stored in the Museum "Metropolitan" in new York. Other frescoes by Tiepolo were also removed from the Palace.

Despite the fact that the Palazzo was owned by the family of Barbaro, members of this family have not always lived in it. In 1499, the year it housed the Embassy of France in the Republic of Venice, and in 1524, the year lived here Isabella d'este, widow of Francesco Gonzaga. After the mid-19th century, the Barbaro family has ceased to exist, Palazzi were bought and, in fact, plundered the furniture and paintings were sold at auctions.

In 1885, the year Palazzi Barbaro was acquired by the American Daniel Curtis, who along with his wife initiated an extensive restoration of the buildings. Since then, the Palace has seen many famous artists, musicians and writers - Claude Monet, Henry James, Charles Eliot Norton, Robert Browning and others.