/ / Palazzi dei Rolli: photos, description (Palazzi dei Rolli)

Palazzi dei Rolli: photos, description (Palazzi dei Rolli)

Palazzi dei Rolli is a quarter in Genoa, consisting of splendid ancient palaces that once belonged to the noble families of the city. They were built along the street of via Garibaldi, formerly called Le Strada Nuove. In the 1990-ies the restoration took more than 10 million euros, and in 2006 part of the Palazzi dei Rolli was added to the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO, as reported by the sign, installed a year later at the beginning of via Garibaldi.

The world-famous quarter consists of more than 40 palaces is the first in European history sample Central building of the city, which was implemented in the late 16th century in accordance with the approved plan. Since all of the Palazzi dei Rolli is a relatively small area, the owners of palaces were forced to build their ownership up. Most of the buildings standing on sloping plots of land, and forms a kind of terrace, atrium - courtyard - staircase - garden.

The territory of the Palazzi dei Rolli were divided into zones in accordance with the status of owners of the Palace. The first zone was created in 1576, and later in 1588, 1599, 1614 and 1664. The palaces themselves were also divided into three categories according to their size, beauty and importance of these criteria they chose for themselves the princes, viceroys, ambassadors and rulers of cities. Only three of the Palace can make the most of the high officials - it was the house Joe Batta Doria, Nicolo Grimaldi and Franco Lercari. Historical documents show that these Palazzi were reserved for the Pope, Emperor, king, and cardinals.

Interesting fact: 1576 in these Palazzo at the direction of the Republican Senate stayed the delegations of foreign countries. I must say that nationals is an example of innovative urban solutions has always aroused keen interest and admiration. Exactly Palazzi dei Rolli took a sample of Henry IV and his Minister Sully in the redevelopment of Paris.