/ / Palazzina dei Giardini: photo, description, (Palazzina dei Giardini)

Palazzina dei Giardini: photo, description, (Palazzina dei Giardini)

Palazzina dei Giardini - a Palace built in the 17th century by order of Francesco I d'este as a summer residence for the Ducal courtyard in the garden of the Palazzo Ducale in Modena. Later the building together with the Park was transferred to the ownership of the city and, as is often the case, quickly fell into disrepair, to the point that in the 20th century it was used as a greenhouse and a shed for storing tools.

As can be seen from historical documents, in the second half of the 16th century on the site of Palazzina dei Giardini there was already a small Park next to the castle of the 14th century - Modena residence of the d'este family, rulers of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio. In 1598, the year after the transfer of Ferrara to the jurisdiction of the Holy see and the subsequent move of the capital of the Duchy of d'este in Modena, the work began to increase and decoration of the city garden. The heir of the Duke Cesare also worked diligently to make the garden suitable for dance and theatrical performances.

In 1739, the year of Francesco III bequeathed the garden to the city, declaring it public property. During the General process of expansion, interiors and exteriors Palazzina dei Giardini, where at that time held dances and theatrical performances, was transformed into a characteristic of the era style. The side wings of the Palace was extended and joined to the Central pavilion. You can get there was carved staircases at both ends of the building. The facade was decorated with busts of Roman emperors.

In 1772, the year the territory of the garden, previously occupied by a small hill, was turned into a Botanical garden of the University of Modena, which in the 19th century continued the expansion of land and enrichment of collections.

In 1865, the year the garden's buildings were formally purchased by the City Council of Modena. By the time Palazzina dei Giardini was rebuilt several times and restored were constructed greenhouses for exotic plants, the dome was plastered, and inside the vaults of the Palace were decorated. Unfortunately, by the end of the 19th century, it became evident that the building and garden are in poor condition, and in 1923, the year a large part of the stucco and other decorations of the Palace was removed. The dome was dismantled in 1937-m to year of security reasons. Only after the Second World war had initiated a project to restore the garden and Palazzina dei Giardini managed to implement in the 1960-ies, when the garden was arranged Playground for children and a small zoo.

By the end of 1970-ies in the framework of the ambitious urban project, the garden was fully restored to its original form. Palazzina dei Giardini has also undergone a restoration and was given to the jurisdiction of the City gallery as the exhibition venue.