/ / The Palazzo al Borgo di Corliano: photos, description Palazzo al Borgo di Corliano)

The Palazzo al Borgo di Corliano: photos, description Palazzo al Borgo di Corliano)

The Palazzo al Borgo di Corliano is a luxurious Villa located in the valley between Pisa and Lucca near the Tuscan Riviera. 2 km away is the small resort town of San Giuliano Terme. The Villa was one of the many palaces built by the Pisan merchants as summer residence on the fertile Western slopes of Monte Pisano.

On both sides of the Villa, decorated with typical Florentine graffiti of the 16th century in the Mannerist style with images of harpies, baskets of fruit, floral wreaths, birds and other characters that allegorically represent Strength, Wealth and good Fortune, a farm and oil mill, built in the late 17th century. In 1755, on the occasion of the wedding Ottavia Maria Teresa della Seta Bocca Gaetani and count Cosimo, Baldassare Agostini Venerosi Villa has been restored by the architect from Verona Ignazio Pellegrini.

In the spacious lobby today you can see several marble busts, 18th-century, depicting the Roman emperors, and the ceiling painted with mythological scenes - there Paris gives Venus the fruit. In the lateral ovals represent the image of the Cathedral square of Pisa, the original view of the Villa, the mountain Pian della Croce, two unknown castle and portraits of rulers. The vault of the Central hall frescoed by the Florentine painter Andrea Boscoli, which drew months of the year and signs of the zodiac in allegorical form, and the walls are painted with frescoes of the 18th century, attributed to natili and brush Matraini. Private Park with an area of 4 hectares surrounding the Villa, over the centuries several times changed its layout in accordance with the spirit of the age. The present appearance of the garden got in the 19th century.

The place itself, Corliano in which is located the Palazzo is part of a vast complex country property consisting of an ancient Villa, the aristocratic chapel, the farm, oil mill, stables, Park, rural lands and a powerful wall-fence, which has always been under protection because of its historical and artistic value.