/ / Barbara Palazzo Da Porto: photo, description, (Palazzo Barbaran Da Porto)

Barbara Palazzo Da Porto: photo, description, (Palazzo Barbaran Da Porto)

Barbara Palazzo Da Porto Palace in Vicenza, designed in 1569, the year built and a few years later by the architect Andrea Palladio. Since 1994, the year inscribed in the UNESCO world Cultural Heritage site "the Palladian villas of the Veneto". Today the Palazzo houses the Museum of Andrea Palladio international centre for architectural studies of this great native of Vicenza.

Luxurious Palace, built between 1570 and 1575 years for the local aristocrat Montano Barbarano is the only large Palace in Vicenza, entirely built by Palladio. In his "history of Vicenza" 1591, the year of Jacopo Manzari Montano Barbarano describes as "a man of the arts and an outstanding musician", and in the Palace inventory of those years featured a variety of flutes, which confirms his words.

Today in London is kept at least three original project Barbara Palazzo Da Porto, which vary widely among themselves and differ from the look of a modern Palace. It is known that Barbarano asked Palladio to take into account the various buildings, belonging to the family and has stood on the site of the proposed construction. Moreover, after the completion of the project of the Palace of Barbarano acquired another house adjacent to his property that was the cause of the asymmetrical location of the main portal.

I must say that Palladio with the construction of the Palace had to solve two problems: the first is to support the floor of the main hall on the "piano Nobile", and the second is how to restore the symmetry of the interior, violated the sloping walls of old houses. Starting from the model of the theatre of Marcellus in Rome, Palladio divided the interior into three wings, placing in the center of four ionic columns. So he solved the first problem. Then, the column was connected with the walls of buildings with fragments of the vertical architraves - it has found the solution to the second problem. In addition, it is possible to create several so-called "Palladian Windows".

For the decoration of his Palace Barbarano hired the greatest painters of the time - Giovanni Battista Zelotti, Anselmo of Kanner and Andrea Vicentino. The stucco was done by Lorenzo Rubini and his son Agostino. In the end, I got a magnificent Palace, able to compete with the residences of the Thiene, Porto and Valmarana at Mira and allowed his master to assert himself as an influential member of the society of Vicenza.

In 1998, the year after a 20-year restoration, the Palazzo da Porto Barbaran was reopened to the public. And in 1999-m to year it housed the Museum of Palladio.