/ / Palazzo Barbarigo, Minotto: photos, description (Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto)

Palazzo Barbarigo, Minotto: photos, description (Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto)

Palazzo Barbarigo, Minotto Palace of the 15th century, which stands on the banks of the Grand canal in Venice near the Palazzo corner. It was built in the Venetian Gothic style and was originally two palaces, the older Palazzo Minotto, remarkable Byzantine frieze of the 13th century, and the Palazzo Barbarigo, built in the 17th century, which were later combined. Palazzo Barbarigo was owned by the same family for several hundred years. It was here in 1625, the year he was born Gregorio Barbarigo, who once refused the Papal crown. Later the Palace was owned by the family of Minotto and Martinengo.

The front three rooms of the Palazzo facing the Grand canal, and the other three facing Rio Zaguri. In the first half of the 18th century on the orders of Pietro Barbarigo Palace's interior was painted with frescoes and paintings by Tiepolo, Fontebasso and Tencalla. The chapel of the Palazzo is notable for elongated floor in the style of king Louis XIV with a wooden inlay. In the same style the front door of the Palace with a border of walnut wood and bronze handles shaped as vine leaves.

The family of Barbarigo was one of the most influential in Venice - this kind of was a prominent bishops, cardinals and aristocrats. Among them was even a Saint - the same Gregorio, who refused the papal throne, and canonized in 1761, the year. This family founded the Church of Santa Maria del Giglio, also known as Santa Maria, Zobenigo. Noble family ceased to exist in 1804, the year, and Palazzo Barbarigo became the property of the family, Marcantonio. Today the "piano Nobile" of the Palace with its beautiful Baroque furniture is the property of the family of Franken here from 2005, the year hosts the prestigious festival of classical music "Music at the Palazzo".