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Palazzo Bevilacqua: photos, description (Palazzo Bevilacqua)

Palazzo Bevilacqua - old Palace in Verona, the construction of which instruct the architect Michele Sanmicheli. I must say that in Verona there are two Palazzo with the same name as the Bevilacqua family was quite famous and played an important role in the city's history. One Palace is located in the historical centre of the city, the second - near the Boulevard of Cavour. Without a doubt, the second just built Sanmicheli is more famous. For many years it was stored the collection of works of art collected by count Marco Bevilacqua, which can be seen as the work of the Veronese artists and craftsmen from around the world, for example, by Tintoretto. Today this congregation has spread all over the world and settled in various public and private collections, including the Louvre.

The construction of Palazzo Bevilacqua began in the 16th century, but the Palace remained unfinished. Columns with busts of Roman soldiers carved from stone, low-arched arches adorn the lower floor of the building. Richly decorated top floor with four Windows, between which is a door, surrounded by a huge balcony in a Greek style. Powerful entrance door leads into a lovely internal courtyard, from which in turn you can get to the second floor where there lived the members of a noble family. This is definitely one of the most exquisite and richly decorated palaces of Verona.

The last Duchess Bevilacqua gave the family estate of Verona, today the Palazzo houses the national Institute of Technology "Ippolito Pindemonte".