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Palazzo Bembo: photos, description (Palazzo Bembo)

Palazzo Bembo is a Palace in Venice located on the Grand canal near the Rialto Bridge and the Palazzo Dolfin Manin. It was built for the noble Bembo family in the 15th century. Despite the fact that over the past several centuries, the Palace was reconstructed several times, apparently he kept his pervonachalnyy appearance. The building is located in San Marco between Rio di San Salvador and Calle Bembo.

In 1470, the year he was born in the Palazzo Pietro Bembo, the Venetian scholar, poet, writer and cardinal. He was a prominent figure in the formation of the Italian language, especially the Tuscan dialect. It works in the 16th century contributed to the revival of interest in poetry of the celebrated Petrarch. In addition, the ideas of Bembo was crucial for the formation of the most important secular musical genre of the 16th century Madrigal.

Today, the Palazzo Bembo hosts the hotel and the exhibition hall of modern art. The red facade of the Palace combines elements of ancient Venetian and Byzantine architecture, and he is considered a fine example of Veneto-Byzantine or Gothic styles. This style emerged in the 14th century, combines Byzantine architecture of Constantinople, the Arab features of Moorish Spain and early Gothic elements of the Italian mainland.