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Palazzo Boyle: photo description (Palazzo Boyl)

Palazzo Boyle is one of the most important historical and artistic point of view of the buildings of the old centre of Cagliari. It was built in 1840 by the project of Carlo Drank Boyle, Marchioness of Putifigari, military General, and the descendant of Filippo Drank Boyle, who in the 14th century helped the Aragonese to defeat the pisans and take possession of the castle in Cagliari. At the end of the 19th century, the Palazzo belonged to the family of Rossi, which left few letters "R" carved on the Windows. Today the owners of the Palazzo are the Boyle Earls of Marche region Tomassini-Barbarossa.

The Palace is built in neoclassical style, as Porta del Reggio military Arsenal and the Port, Christina - the other two creations of Carlo Drank Boyle. Attraction of the Palazzo is a marble balustrade, decorated with four statues, each symbolizing a season of the year. In the center is carved the family crest: a hand holding a lock of hair ("saw" in Sardinian dialect), means a family of Drinking, bull ("the fight" in Sardinian) is belongs to the family of Boyle, and the red flag with gold symbol of the Aragonese dynasty.

An integral part of the Palazzo Boyle is the Torre del Leone - the Lion tower (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Torre del Aquila - the Eagle). It was built by architect Giovanni Capula, the author of the other towers of Cagliari - Torre Dell Elefante and Torre di San Pancrazio. In 1708, the year the tower was seriously damaged during the attacks against British troops in the city, then, in 1717, the year - from the Spanish guns, and in 1798, the year - during the French siege of Cagliari. Then she lost her top and was essentially in ruins.