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Palazzo Bianconcini: photos, description (Palazzo Bianconcini)

Bianconcini Palazzo formerly known as Palazzo Zaniboni, is now the office of science Department of statistics of Bologna. Immediately under the main balcony is the ornate front door, whose creation is attributed to Francesco Tadolini who worked in the late 18th century. Passing through this door, be in the first small courtyard, surrounded by several columns. Next is the second courtyard with the ancient arches with a surprisingly well-preserved small details. Arch support 4 columns with beautiful marble capitals for the beginning of the 16th century. It is believed that the artist who created them belonged to the Ferrara school.

To the right of the door directly in front of the stairs there is a sculpture of the "Madonna, child and Saints" the work of Giuseppe Mazza - it dates from the early 18th century. On the walls along the staircase hang striking paintings of Pietro Scandellari, Petronio Fancelli and Gaetano Gandolfi. Scandellari, and Gandolfi worked together to create paintings, which depicts a small chapel in the late 18th century. Brush, Gandolfi also owns the painting "Bacchus and Arianna". Among office and training rooms, you can see other works of art, for example, the ceiling, painted by Giovanni Giuseppe Dal sole and Enrico Haffner in the late 18th - early 19th centuries.

Unfortunately, the history of the Palazzo is little known. Significantly it can be argued that the family of Zaniboni, who became the first owner of the Palace, was not from Bologna, and, perhaps, from nearby Modena. It is also unclear from where is descended the family of Bianconcini, whose name today is Palazzo and how this splendid building was used throughout its history.