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Palazzo Gottifredo in Alatri: photo, description, Palazzo Gottifredo)

Palazzo Gottifredo - a large medieval building in the town of Alatri, in the Italian region Lazio, near Rome. The Palace stands at the intersection of the main streets of the city. The size of the Palace and structure of its interior suggest that the construction was ordered by cardinal Gottifredo di Raynaldo. The Palazzo had several functions - defense, management and entertainment. From 1932, the year the oldest part of the Palace tower, overlooking Trivia (junction of three streets), houses the City Museum with a collection of epigraphs and anthropological artifacts.

Palazzo Gottifredo was designed in the 13th century and its construction lasted from 1229 to 1286-th years. The first tower facing the intersection, done in the Romanesque style - it has begun construction of the Palace. From the beginning he had different functions, as evidenced by the presence of as small Windows (for defense), and high vaulted Windows in the halls and living quarters. Only later, during the third phase of construction, this multi-functionality has been neutralized. On the ground floor there were the stables, on the second - the house of the cardinal, the third - a large meeting room with three stone arches characteristic of Gothic architecture. Despite the fact that Palazzo Gottifredo was the center of political life of the city, its heyday did not last long. After the death of the cardinal in 1286, the year, the Palace was looted and partially destroyed. And half a century later, in the mid-14th century, during a serious earthquake collapsed the Central part of the Palace and the stone arches.

Perhaps in the future Palazzo Gottifredo continued to be the residence city of the Podesta (Governor). In the 18th century there was built a small building, which was accessed through the main entrance of the Palace, and also changed the interiors of the second tower and the location of Windows on the facade. Some reconstruction work was carried out at the Palazzo from 1920 to 1930-th years, and in 2006-m to year it began a major restoration under the guidance of architect Giovanni Fontana and Alfredo Spalvieri. The project was restored from the original arched structure and completely rebuilt the top floor of the building.

Today Palazzo Gottifredo essentially divided into two parts. One of the tower-house, facing Corso Cavour, is housed the Museum and municipal offices. The other part is larger and faces the street, via Emanuele Lisi. On the first floor opened small shops.