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Palazzo Grassi: photo description (Palazzo Grassi)

Palazzo Grassi, also known as the Palazzo Grassi-Stacci - classic Palace in Venice, which stands on the banks of the Grand canal. It was designed by the architect Giorgio Massari and built in 1748-1772-m years.

One of the youngest palaces of the Grand canal, the Palazzo Grassi, built in the academic classical style, which contrasts with the Byzantine, Romanesque and Baroque palaces of Venice. Its austere facade is made of white marble, and the absence of low trading of passes typical of other aristocratic Palazzo, stands out among other buildings. The main hall is decorated with frescoes by Michelangelo of Morlaiter and Francesco Zanchi.

The Grassi family owned Palazzo, about a hundred years and sold it in 1840. Since then, it several times changed owners, until in 1983, the year it was bought "Fiat Group" under the leadership of Gianni Agnelli. At the same time in the Palace was a large-scale restoration, the progress of which was watched by count Antonio Foscari Widmann Rezzonico, the current owner of Villa Foscari. The main purpose of "Group Fiat" was to transform Palazzo Grassi into an exhibition hall. Today the Palace continues to be used as an art gallery. In addition to Palazzo is the outdoor theater of 600 seats.

Since 2006, the year the Palace is owned by French entrepreneur françois Pinault who exhibits here personal art collection. Here, the son of Pinault, françois-Henri, met with the Hollywood actress Salma Hayek. In the Palazzo held a reception in honor of their second wedding.