/ / The Palazzo del Viminale: photos, description (Palazzo del Viminale)

The Palazzo del Viminale: photos, description (Palazzo del Viminale)

The Palazzo del Viminale is an historic Palace in Rome, the residence of the Prime Minister from 1925, the year and the Ministry of internal Affairs. In 1961 year, the Prime Minister's residence was moved to the Palazzo Chigi.

The customer of construction of the Palace was Giovanni Giolitti, who conceived it as the headquarters of the Italian government (at that time Prime Minister and Minister of internal Affairs was assigned to one person). Palazzo was designed in 1911, the year the architect Manfredo Manfredi and inaugurated in 1925 year.

The Palazzo del Viminale is a five-story building with hundreds of rooms connected by a set of intersecting corridors. Individual attention the impressive three-arch entrance of the Palazzo della Presidenza, honorary staircase of the Palazzo degli uffici the hall of the Council of Ministers and the lobby of the noble floor with its wood, marble and stucco decorations. Bedrooms of the Minister are located in the lateral complex, is connected to the main building, arched doorway.

Rear garden separates the main complex of the Palazzo a number of smaller buildings. Here, directly opposite the rear facade, is nebolshoe the building of the Royal Institute of physics where Enrico Fermi carried out his experiments with the "guys from the street Panisperna" - a group of young physicists of La Sapienza University. These experiments further led to the creation of nuclear weapons. In the same building was occupied by the Royal chemical Institute.

In the Palazzo del Viminale today houses several libraries: Central library Viminale, library management statistics, etc., post office, ATMs and a few coffee shops.